We Keep the Law Close at Hand

Well, we keep it close by keyboard.  And that is the way we think it should be to serve you.  We don't believe it is any longer feasible to turn to books and traditional libraries.  Lexis Advance is a vast electronic library of cases and materials. Lexis assists us in finding cases, determining if they are good law, following cases that comment or rely on the case we found, and even reviewing journals and books that discuss the case.  Instantly. Or as fast as one can read and click.  Our experience is that it is more difficult to feel confident that we have found a wide range of legal precedent and informative materials without online access. 

Times change.  Resources evolve.  Online electronic libraries are here to stay and we can't imagine practicing without them.

Our legal library includes a wide variety of materials.  The lists below are not exhaustive.  We are proud of our firm's commitment to accurate and in-depth legal research in our Ventura County legal community.*

Cases . . .

We have available all cases from the Supreme Court, all Federal Courts of Appeal, all United States District Courts, and all Bankruptcy Courts. We also have California state decisions in our virtual library.

Treatises, Guides, and Journals in Lexis . . .

All Bankruptcy Law Cases
All Bankruptcy Law Statutes and Legislation
All Bankruptcy Law Codes & Court Rules
All Bankruptcy Law Administrative Codes and Regulations
All Bankruptcy Law Treatises, Practice Guides & Jurisprudence
All Bankruptcy Law Reviews and Journals
All Bankruptcy Law Forms
All Bankruptcy Law Briefs, Pleadings and Motions

Lexis Public Records . . .

Bankruptcy due diligence relies on information from a wide range of sources, some more trustworthy than others. Lexis Public Records helps us provide you with information about your past and your connections. Life moves quickly. Years feel like weeks. PeopleMap helps us find properties in other states, former businesses, real estate transactions, prior addresses, and judgments and liens. Its deep cross-referencing and smart linking technology makes connections between people from billions of public records across the country, making it faster and easier for us to help you find assets, filings, records, and creditors.


*Not all services are appropriate to all clients.  We are not committing to provide any precise set of services or to use any particular resources for any client.  We can't do that. We can and do use our training, experience, and discretion to select and, possibly, recommend research that should be conducted.  We conduct research as we believe necessary to fulfill our obligation to engage in reasonable diligence.  To the extent the legal library identified above changes, we will modify this website rapidly and clearly to reflect only libraries we have available to us.