August Foreclosure Activity

Many people are suffering foreclosure in the area encompassed by the 93023 zip code (which includes Ojai, Mira Monte, Meiners Oaks, and Oak View).  In August, approximately 1 out of every 500 houses received a foreclosure filing.  Compared to California as a whole, Ojai is doing fairly well.  California's rate of foreclose is double that of Ojai.  In hard numbers, the Ojai area saw 19 homes go into foreclosure in August.  That is a home every day and a half -- in our small community.

The people of Ventura County as a whole suffer even more.  In terms of the sheer number of foreclosures in August, these cities lead the way.  Remember, these numbers represent one month of activity.

  • Oxnard (280)
  • Simi Valley (236)
  • Ventura (143)
  • Camarillo (140)

If we look at the percentage of homes in foreclosure in a given community, the ranking of cities on that list changes. Again, the numbers are not annualized.  The number represents the percentage of houses that went into foreclosure in August.

  • Moorpark (1 in 149)
  • Simi Valley (1 in 176)
  • Port Hueneme (1 in 186)
  • Oxnard (1 in 191)

At the rate Moorpark is preceeding, nearly one in ten families who own their home would go through foreclosure in year.