Should the Wagon Wheel Redevelopment Go Forward in Oxnard?

In the 1940's, Bud Smith built a hotel and restaurant in Oxnard called the Wagon Wheel.  For many years, the ranch-style buildings and the large wagon wheel were visible from the 101 Freeway to those driving through Oxnard.  Today, as anyone who has passed by can tell you, the Wagon Wheel is boarded up and falling down.

Oxnard Village Investments LLC is fighting to tear down the old buildings and construct 1500 homes and town homes.  The development includes low income housing.

The fate of the project is in the hands of the Second District Court of Appeal.  Will more housing help Oxnard?  Will preserving the Wagon Wheel add to Oxnard's historical memory?  More information is available from the Ventura County Star.