Banks to Raise Fees. Again.

According to the Wall Street Journal, banks are creating new fees to remain profitable in the face of financial regulation.  How do you think fees like the ones below will affect low income families? 

1. A fee to simply have a debit card might be established at $30.
2. The size of a debit card transaction might be limited.
3. The number of times a consumer could use a debit card each month might be limited.
4. Raising non-bank-customer ATM fees.
5. Checking accounts may now cost between $8 and $25 per month.

These fees hit those who can least afford them.  If larger customers maintain certain balances, the fees are waived.  Wealthier individuals tend not to need to use their debit cards as much each month due to online bill pay and greater access to credit cards.

When will Elizabeth Warren take further action?  So far, it seems that the Consumer Protection Agency has provided little in the way of protection.