Reverse Mortgages

The American Bankruptcy Institute points to information on seniors and reverse mortgages.  Here is a summary and a link.

Reverse mortgages, which allow homeowners 62 and older to borrow money against the value of their homes and not pay it back until they move out or die, are showing renewed problems of fraud by lenders, the New York Times reported today. Federal and state regulators are documenting new instances of abuse as smaller mortgage brokers, including former subprime lenders, flood the market after the recent exit of big banks and as defaults on the loans hit record rates. Some lenders are aggressively pitching loans to seniors who cannot afford the fees associated with them, not to mention the property taxes and maintenance. Others are wooing seniors with promises that the loans are free money that can be used to finance long-coveted cruises, without clearly explaining the risks. As the baby boomer generation heads for retirement and more seniors grapple with dwindling savings, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is working on new rules that could mean better disclosure for consumers and stricter supervision of lenders. More than 775,000 of such loans are outstanding, according to the federal government.

For more information see the full New York Times article here.