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Debtors Representing Themselves May Soon Be Able to Electronically File

The Central District of California Court News recently announced that debtors appearing pro se (representing themselves) may be able to file over the Internet through a web-based interface.  Currently, attorneys who file more than a few cases are required to electronically file.  This would be an interesting development.  Electronically filing takes a great deal of care and an understanding of the Petition and its matching electronic entry forms.  Here is a portion of the article.
Electronic Filing for Self-Represented Debtors on the Horizon.
The Subcommittee of the Judicial Conference’s Committee on Court Administration and Case
Management has accepted a proposal by the Bankruptcy Court Administration Division for a pilot program allowing debtors representing themselves to fi le their cases electronically. Although the project is in search of a better name, for now it is called the “Pro Se Pathfi nder.” The Pro Se Pathfi nder will be a web-based application accessible via any public terminal within the Court or by any external web-enabled computer. While representation by an attorney is still preferable, this program will allow debtors to fi le accurate and complete documents more easily, and provide the Court better access to information on those documents. The Central District of California, where over 38,000 debtors choose to represent themselves each year, will join the Districts of New Jersey and New Mexico in implementing an electronic fi ling pilot program for self-represented debtors when it becomes available early next year. In order to adequately test this pilot before any national rollout, the Court is dedicating signifi cant resources to fully studying and addressing the needs of our self-represented litigants as we implement this new program. A committee is developing systems and rules to enable the program to be implemented smoothly, and teams will be setting up meetings with various bar associations around the district over the next four months to gather ideas and concerns related to our large self represented population.
Note that the Court indicates representation by a bankruptcy is still preferable.  Bankruptcy is a major life decision with long-lasting impacts.  I would recommend that one take the path of making sure an attorney guides one through the process.

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