Running Judge/Trustee/341(a) Meeting Assignment

By Andrew Mansfield

From the United States Bankruptcy Court, Central District of California, Court News.

Attorney who file petitions electronically are required to upload the creditors and run the Judge/Trustee/341(a) Meeting Assignment.  Doing so not only ensures notices are sent out timely, but also decreases processing time.

If you not, the Court will automatically run the Judge/Trustee/341(a) Meeting Assignment to all cases where creditors have been uploaded.  However, this will make it unlikely for two or more Chapter 7 cases filed concurrently to obtain the same trustee and 341(a) meeting assignment.  If you try to run the Judge/Trustee/341(a) Meeting assignment after the Court, you may be presented with an error message.  Please review your cases for a Judge/Trustee/341(a) Meeting Assignment before contacting the ECF Help Desk.