Lodging an Order with Exhibits and/or Attachments

When lodging an order via Lodged Order Upload (LOU) with exhibits and/or attachments, please use one of the following methods to ensure compliance:

  1. PDF. A PDF exhibit and or/attachment lodged along with the electronic order (such as signature pages of parties indicating approval of form of order or a property description) must not exceed 10 pages unless otherwise approved by the presiding judge. Once an exception has been approved by the presiding judge, contact the ECF Help Desk at (213) 894-2365 for instructions.
  2. MS-WORD. An exhibit may be uploaded in MS-WORD format as part of the proposed order as long as it does not exceed 10 pages. DO NOT upload an MS-WORD image.
  3. Other exhibits. If an exhibit exceeds 10 pages, the exhibit must be filed and referred to according to the following procedure.
    1. Exhibit is attached to the motion.
      1. In the order, refer to the motion and the number or letter that identifies the exhibit.
    2. Exhibit is not attached to the motion.
      1. Convert the exhibit to a PDF document and file it via CM/ECF by selecting the docket event “Exhibit”;
      2. Relate the exhibit to the applicable motion/application;
      3. Provide a copy of the exhibit along with a judge’s copy of the order and LOU receipt as specified under section 4.2(c) of this Manual; and
      4. Contact the applicable judge’s courtroom deputy and advise of submission of the exhibit.