Ten Tips for Attorneys

1. Failure to pay filing fees within 24 hours of electronic filing results in a lockout from filing further documents in the CM/ECF system until the fees are paid.

2. Official Form 423 should be filed only if the financial provider has not already notified the Court of the debtor’s completion of the course by filing the certificate.

3. Attorneys can now access the CM/ECF system to update their profile data.

4. A CM/ECF login issued by the District Court will not work in Bankruptcy

5. Using a pop-up blocker will prevent LOU from opening.

6. If refiling petition pages, such as Form 101, you must use the event code “Addendum to Voluntary petition.”

7. It is against Court procedure for a CM/ECF registered attorney to file a document for an unregistered attorney friend.

8. Using the “Search” key in CM/ECF is a good tool for looking up event codes.

9. The Statement of Social Security form should not be included when filing the petition in CM/ECF.

10. Staple the NEF on the back of the judge’s copy.