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Filing Amended Schedules

Filing Amended Schedules

When filing Amended Schedules D, E and F, select the event code Bankruptcy -> BK- Other– Amendment – Amending Schedules D,E,F for Ch 7, 11 &13 (fee). Please do not include any other schedules; you may attach a creditor list with only the new or amended creditor information. By using this code you will be prompted to pay the $26.00 filing fee. When amending schedules A thru I, please select the Bankruptcy-> BK- Other – Amendment -Amending Schedules D,E,F for Ch 7, 11 & 13 (fee) event code. Next, press and hold the control key and select each of the other schedules to be filed. The system will ask if the schedule is being amended and you must answer “Yes” to the question each time it appears. The question will appear once for each additional schedule being  amended. Using the correct event code will expedite case management and save money and court resources. Failure to file amended schedules properly will result in an assessment of fees.

Certificate of Credit Counseling

When filing a petition, the Certificate of Credit Counseling must be filed as a separate event code. If the certificate is not filed as a separate event code, it will be flfl agged as deficient and the case will not be discharged. In a joint petition, two certififi cates may be filed under one event code. However, the certificates still need to be filed separately from the bankruptcy petition itself.

Electronic Filing Joint Debtor Financial Management Course Update

Pleaserememberthatwhen the Financial Management Course certificate is being filed, the Financial Management Course     –   Debtor event code is to be used for single debtor cases.  The Financial Management Course – Joint Debtor is for cases with two debtors.  When selecting the Financial Management Course – Joint Debtor, CM will ask the user:  “Have you already filed the certificate for the Debtor?” Theuser must select “Yes” or “No,” then click “Next” in order to complete the filing.   If only the    jointdebtor’scertificate is being filed, “No” must be selected.