Our Firm Lives by Standards

The personal values we carry translate into a law firm that provides exceptional service. We do this by demanding we perform by our standards.


Competency and Training

Mansfield Law Corporation insists that every transaction, filing, response, and document be of the highest legal quality consistent with the product delivered by the largest corporate firms. We are a firm that rewards and encourages legal education, professional development, ongoing training, and other educational and training opportunities that advance the firm’s values and goals.

Family and Work-Life Balance

We believe that employees should lead a balanced life. We believe in the family, friendships, and outside experiences that make life richer and more complete. We believe a well-balanced life makes our work better and supports our other values.


We are committed to expansion and growth. We believe that our service and dedication to providing high-quality legal service at a reasonable price should be available to more people in our region.


We expect all members of our legal team to be punctual, timely, responsive, accurate, thorough, complete and focused. The presentation of all documents, electronic materials, communications, and legal filings must exemplify our skill and dedication. To that end, each member of the firm must exhibit the highest caliber of verbal and written communication skills.

Responsive Service

We must keep clients fully informed of the case developments and respond to new clients and inquiries in a rapid and efficient manner. We provide five-star service. Our goal is to prove a seamless, supportive, and consistently accommodating experience.