Personal Values Matter

How we conduct ourselves is based on what we value.



We serve our clients in the ongoing struggle for fairness, decency, and economic justice. To fulfill this role, we serve our clients with compassion and understanding.

Giving and Community Support

We are not just members of a legal firm dedicated to excellence. We are also members of our community and stewards of our world. We believe we are responsible for each other. To that end, we must provide service to our wider communities through giving, time, and commitment.

Humility and Openness

We strive to approach work and life from a position of humility and acceptance. The strengths that an individual brings to our collective well-being may never be determined and therefore each member of society must be treated on a level playing field with the same respect and support we expect.

Integrity and Truth

We believe in truth and integrity. When working together, with clients, and providing information to the Court or trustees, we provide truthful, accurate, and ethical responses.


Mansfield Law Corporation is committed to the fair and equal treatment of all employees and clients regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or religion. We will take every step to ensure the workplace is an environment free from hostility, disrespect, antagonism, or dissension based on political or religious opinions. The workplace must be a safe environment.