Bankruptcy is about new beginnings.


Mansfield Law Corporation is dedicated to treating every client with dignity, respect, and care. We aren't here to judge and certainly not to criticize. We know that living through a financial crisis that appears to have no solution is difficult.  It is hard to live in the face of uncertainty and without a plan.  You might feel lost, cornered, and confused.  We know a personal financial crisis can be overwhelming.  

By placing your trust in us, we can free you from many of the obligations blocking your progress.  We can help you push through barriers and forge a new financial life.  We will design a bankruptcy plan that works for you and fully explain the process and your options.  We provide custom solutions and personal care.  It makes a difference.  

We hope you will feel the difference when we meet with you. Don't wait to get started if you need help.  Face the future with us and use the protections afforded by the Bankruptcy Code to start again with a renewed commitment to financial success.