Ventura Bankruptcy Attorneys

Our main office is less than ten minutes from almost any location in Ventura.  We aren't lawyers based in Los Angeles County or parts further south.  Our main court is the Northern Division of the Central District of California. The Northern Division serves residents of Ventura.  In fact, the Northern Division extends to San Luis Obispo. 

We are local attorneys and we are experienced with our court.

Hiring local counsel matters. We appear with you at every step of the process. Call us and learn why so many others have opted to hire us to represent them during financial difficulty.

We are also the leaders in serving local businesses and people just like you in filing for bankruptcy protection, if that is necessary to provide relief. 

We Enjoy Ventura's History

From the Westside to the East End, from the College Area to Midtown, and in iconic Pierpont and historic Downtown, we serve the residents of Ventura. Ventura has its own energy and speed. What else should we expect from the city the Chumash called Shisholop?  Shisholop means "the muddy place," but it is Ventura's location between the Ventura River and Santa Clara River that made the land some of the most fertile and well-suited land for citrus anywhere in the state of California. We work with employees of the city's largest employers, including the County of Ventura, the Ventura County Health Care Agency, Ventura Unified School District, the City of San Buenaventura, and Argon St, among others. Ventura is a city of government service, health care, and education.  We are proud of our public sector.

We help individuals, families, and business in Ventura.  When we say we help, we don't mean we are there for just a few families, an individual here or there, and a business now and then. In 2018 alone, partners Andrew S. Mansfield filed 21% of the Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 for Ventura residents. The next highest lawyer filed just 6%. We use that experience serving the city and our bankruptcy division to help you.  Please see our  full explanation of source data and context on this page.

Ventura Bankruptcy Filing Statistics

2018 Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Filings by Attorney

Calendar Year 2018

We are highly rated and experienced bankruptcy counsel. We pride ourselves in being the number one firm in terms of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings in Ventura. We charge reasonable fees for our experience and knowledge. Let us worry for you.  We are here to help.

Filing figures are taken from public information available through PACER.  We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the Federal filing database, but we believe it is reliable.  We do not mean to imply that the volume of cases filed or handled should serve as the only metric by which one should choose a lawyer.  We do not intend to indicate that the number of cases filed provides a measurement of quality or service.  Figures are for Northern Division of the Central District of California.  Certain law firms have more than one attorney and this may factor into the number of cases filed by that firm.  In addition, the volume of bankruptcy legal work performed by a law firm may include matters that do not result in a "filing."  Such matters may include extensive litigation involvement, creditor representation, appellate work, or other financial distress representation.  Certain attorneys may practice and file in both the Central District of California and other Districts.  An attorney may practice and file in other Divisions in the Central District.  All such data may be useful in reviewing attorney filing data but is not reproduced here.  The chart above is for the calendar year 2014 and 2015 year-to-date for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 filings for which the debtor's address was in Ventura, California.  Many other factors might influence your decision about whom to hire.  We are confident we will do well on any basis.