We can analyze whether your Federal and California tax obligations are dischargeable in bankruptcy.  If not, we can represent you to obtain a payment plan or make an offer in compromise.


We file more bankruptcy cases than any other firm serving the Northern Division. We focus on bankruptcy.  We use the legal resources and data sources ordinarily available only to large firms.  


With us you can breathe again. You can take calls, open mail, and plan for the future. We can stop creditor calls to your friends, family, or an employer. After we are retained, we will work quickly to end or block garnishments and levies. We can put a hold on a car or truck repossession and give you time to recover. We can even help you eliminate an "underwater" second mortgage, if needed. 

Mansfield Law Corporation delivers. We do what we say. We provide solutions and put them into effect.

We are a modern firm with a modern approach to law. Fast, nimble, responsive, and adaptable - these are the terms you hear used to describe those companies that succeed in the information era. Law firms are no different. We have research tools and libraries most attorneys north of Los Angeles County don't bother to obtain. We provide legal services the way legal services should be provided today and tomorrow. 


We ask that you trust us these things are true.


Andrew S. Mansfield is a bankruptcy law specialist certified by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization.  People often say, "I want a bankruptcy attorney near me."  We are here in Ventura County, close at hand, readily accessible, and easy to reach.  Try us.  We promise to live up to your standards.

You can let go of the worry and let us carry the burden for you.  It's what we're trained to do.